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Irish Folk Musik aus Berlin: Cobblestones - Die Band aus Berlin präsentiert Ihnen Irish Folk Musik.
Cobblestones Irish and Scottish Folk Band aus Berlin - News
10-17-2023Sea of Lights in Dortmund
The festive season is approaching, and the Dortmund Christmas Market of Lights is ready to go.

Join us in immersing yourself in the Christmas atmosphere at Fredenbaumpark and celebrate with us in the heated party tent.

The dates for our performances will be announced shortly. We look forward to seeing you!
11-08-2019New cuddly zipper hoodie available!
There is something new in the Cobblestones merchandise assortment!
Depending on the season, there is a cuddly zipper hoodie available!
Very chic and available in sizes S to 5XL.
Zipper-Hoodies in size S to XXL for only 45, - €, size 3XL to 5XL costs 50, - €.
Take a look at one of our upcoming performances, e.g. at the O'Reilly Festival (next Friday) or the PLWM 2019 in Dortmund.
Or visit our online shop
05-21-2019In May NO Irish folk with the Cobblestones in Vlatten!
Concert date postponed due to too little demand.
Tickets for the pickup date at:

This is not how the event organizer Ralf Winterhoff imagined. Just days before the Cobblestones ' latest concert at Rusty Cutlass Tavern in Heimbach-Vlatten, the decision had to be made to postpone the concert scheduled for 29.05.2019.

The event just didn't come down to enough interested visitors. "A concert, especially one in such an intimate setting as we did in the tavern, has to be fun for everyone involved. Neither for the band nor for the spectators is it pleasant to stand in an almost empty location. "

As arguably the most likely reason, Ralf Winterhoff is looking for the bug in himself. ' It can actually only be down to appointment selection. The evening before Father's Day - and before a long weekend, I think it would be unfavorable, because it was unfortunately not accepted by the audience. "

Pre-sale simply falls too far short of expectations. As a rule, at least 50% of available tickets were sold 4 weeks before the date.

It can't be up to the band, the Cobblestones are an established "heavyweight" of the Irish Folk genre.

Visitors to the Rusty Cutlass Tavern can always rely on selected and high-quality musicians to put the clinch in their hands.

The evasive date will now take place on Saturday 28.09.2019. Tickets that have already been purchased will be automatically reimbursed.

Ticket pre-sale for the 28.09.2019 starts now.

As a special candy, the prices are staggered.
So the first 50 tickets are for € 10,-
The next 50 tickets for € 12,50
And another 100 tickets for € 15,-
plus pre-sale fee.

Tickets at:
03-15-2019To-do list for St. Patrick
Okay, it's time again:
The St. Patricks Day weekend is just around the corner!
Hmm, take a quick look at the to-do list:
Add liquor stock, throw empties from the balcony, iron socks ....
Uh, no ... sorry, wrong list!
wait, where is it?
Ah, here:

Today: Enter the bus and drive to Bad Oeynhausen to the Druckerei, after arrival drink a little and celebrate St. Patrick's Day Party!

Tomorrow: Enter the bus and drive to Ludwigsfelde to the Kubhaus Lounge, after arrival drink a little and celebrate St. Patrick's Day Party!

The day after tomorrow: Enter the bus and drive to Berlin Spandau to the Brauhais, after arrival drink a little and celebrate St. Patrick's Day Party!

Okay, let's get started!
05-06-2018It goes outside
The next Thursday the time has come: Our Kohle Lore leaves us out of our coal mine for the first time this year to the fresh air. With daylight and air, which does not always smell like digested cabbage.
Did she think twice before?
12-01-2017Tip against cold feet
Who does not know that: Without warning it will be winter and suddenly the feet will be cold. If you do not find some big socks in the advent calendar, you have a few hard weeks ahead of you.

But wait, the Cobblestones save you from your misery! Since today there is something brand new in our shop: HOODIES.

Stante pede bought two of these cuddly hooded sweaters and wrapped around the cold mauves - problem solved!

Rumor has it we heard that there should also be people who pull the hoodies over the upper body. This is supposed to look pretty chic, but how it should warm your feet does not really open up for us.

Good, then tip Numero two: Glüh-Stollen 13
Take a bottle of our whiskey-cherry wine "Stollen 13" (optionally also a bottle of blackthorn rum "Grubenhammer"), heat it in a water bath and pour it into the slippers quite enjoyably. Also suitable for internal use!

Well, would you like to try one of the recipes (or both)?
You can get the ingredients either in our online shop (If you want to order "Stollen 13" or "Grubenhammer", please send an e-mail to - age check!) or at one of our next appearances at the

Phantastischem Mittelalterlichem Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt in Dortmund

December 14th, December 15th, December 16th, December 17th and New Year's Eve party!

Come on, come over, party with us and buy us the hut empty (In addition to hoodies and alcoholics there are also a lot of CDs and so)!

Sláinte! - Your Cobblestones
03-22-2017Performance canceled on 25.03.2017 in the pub!
Bad news:
We have to cancel the appearance next Saturday (25.03.2017) because of illness!

So our winter season is finished one week earlier than planted.
The next performances will take place again under the open sky. Keep our fingers crossed, then we have nice weather. Would be stupid, if we immediately catch the next plague = D.

So call up our tour plan, draw the schedule and note the appropriate dates! We will bring fresh Grubenhammer and Stollen 13.

Sláinte! - Your cobblestones
12-23-2016Schedule has changed
You have planned to celebrate with us on the Phantastischen Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt in Dortmund tonight?
Excellently, this is our plan, too!

But attention: Schedule has changed!
We will perform earlier than planned!

You can marvel at us on stage between 20:00 and 22:00. Besides, you can degust a few bottles of "Stollen 13" and buy some Cobblestones CD as Christmas presents.

Tonight musically we will be framed by Haggefugg and Off Limits.
So come to the PLWM to Dortmund and celebrate!
1 - 2 - 3 - Sláinte!
12-17-2016Don\'t Panic
No reason for the panic?
Of course there is a reason for the panic! There is only one week until Christmas!!!

Okay, so there is one week to order wonderful and culturally valuable presents in the online shop of the Cobblestones?
Theoretically this is right. And also after Christmas Eve you can order online.

BUT: If you would like to lay an online ordered CD, T-shirt, beer mat or other accessories from our online shop under the Christmas tree to his loves (or yourself), you really have to hurry up.
The deadline for shipping is at Wednesday 21st of December!
This means: Order AND payment must have come with us until Tuesday evening.
All the other orders we will send after Christmas.

So: Have a look to our online shop now, order immediately and immediately afterwards transfer!

For thw impatient ones: Of course you can pay by PayPal, this is definitively the quickest method. The receiver's account is:

... or you may come to our gigs.
From 21st of December to 23rd of December we will be at the Mittelalterlichen Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt in Dortmund everyday.
And of course we will sell our CDs, T-shirts, badges etc., but also ours (online not available) to whisky cherry "Stollen 13" and blackthorn rum "Grubenhammer".
Besides, we also perform of course.

After Christmas we will be at the Mittelalterlichen Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt once again to the big New Year's Eve party and to the New Year celebration.

Sláinte! – Your Cobblestones
04-06-2016Come out of your holes
Have a look outside and to our tour schedule: The warmer seasons is coming.
And connected with it there are a lot of open air shows waiting for you and us.

So it is time say good bye to the winter season.
The best way to do this is to have a party at the 9th Pipes & Whistles Festival at April 16th 2016 in the Heilig Kreuz Kirche (Zossener Str . 65, 10961 Berlin,
Tickets are available in pre sale ( ) and - maybe - at the box office .

And then we are out into fresh air! So most of the time, anyway.

Sláinte! - Your Cobblestones
12-03-2015Christmas is getting closer
It is unbelievable: This year we have noticed really on time that Christmas tries to creep up.

Should come only, this Christmas! We are prepared. At the moment we try an ingenious recipe for a Feuerzangenbowle (mulled wine with a rum-soaked sugarloaf lit above it): We simply leave out the wine, the fruit and the spices and concentrate upon the hot rum.

Attentive visitors of our homepage will notice: during the next weeks we will perform in "only" three places. What should you do if you cannot be present in one of them at least ?

Our online shop has a solution:
A few weeks ago we have released our CD „live on tour Vol. II“.
Quite clever foxes had already anticipated that there would be the second part, after we had named our last publication „live on tour Vol. I“.
Approx. in two weeks both CDs are available together as a double album „live On tour“. It can be ordered now.

One heard to whisper that our CDs can be wrapped in wrapping paper and draped under the Christmas tree.

What is there else thus new?
For 2016 there are planned lots of gigs. Have a look here when we will be in your nearness next time.

Sláinte - Your Cobblestones
11-28-2014Oh no - another CD again
Now it happened: We are fallen into commercial!
Just in time for X-mas season , we have released a CD again.
A rogue who suspects calculation behind .
Well, added: It is unmistakably become a Christmas album . It's called " Krist'Stollen 13" , it is - surprise, surprise - Christmas á la Cobblestones on it and is available in our online store , among other things .
So if you should look for a festive and/or wine spiritual sound ...
08-05-2014A new CD
Four months have passed since our last news.
In this time lots of thrilling things has happened - among the rest, also two dozen gigs.
But the top announcement is this:

We have released a new CD a few weeks ago.

This new CD is a live CD. Unorthodox we have named it "Live On Tour Vol. I". Now here it is!

Reviews you can find here:, and
And you can order it here in our online shop.

Sláinte - Your Cobblestones
03-14-2014Again it\'s St. Patrick\'s Day
Again it's St. Patrick's Day - totally unexpected and unpredictable. Every year another 17 March!

Logically, this weekend is the weekend of St. Paddy's parties. So we will enter the car and make our way:

Tonight we are in the Owl Town Pub in Peine, to implore us the benevolence of St. Patrick by the consumption of ordinary amounts of Guinness. Maybe sometimes we will be on stage and sing a few songs ... Aaaah, I just see that the host would like to see the priorities set the other way. Okay.

Tomorrow I'll be straight on to the next St. Paddy's party in Druckerei Begegnungszentrum in Bad Oeynhausen to celebrate seamlessly.

So Ye all come out of your holes and takes the opportunity to drink to the good old Patrick!

Sláinte - Your Cobblestones
12-24-2013No useless rubbish today ...
... we wish you happy Christmas!

That is all we want to say today. If you want to meet us once again this year, there is exactly one chance:

28th of December, 2013 - 21:30: Pub revival tour in the Irish Pub in Europe Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

Until then there is a lot to do: Still there is mulled wine to drink and the you have to eat everything inside your fridge! Start celebration!

Sláinte – Your Cobblestones
10-26-2013change of date Pub Revival Tour
Attention please: There is a Little Change of date! Our gig of Sunday 24th of November is brought forward. Now the new date is Sunday, the 3rd of November.
Everything remains as usual: The best Guinness-charged mood and the full programme of us!
10-26-2013Cobblestones on TV
2 1/2 years ago we were booked for a film production. The german irish co-production was shooted partly in Bremen, the story is based in Galway and a "real" irish band was used - we.

In the meantime, the detective series has been showed in Ireland, Australia, Poland, the USA and at last in Great Britain - and now, finally, it will go on the air in german television!

We are talking about the irish detective series "Jack Taylor". The first episode will be on the air tomorrow, 27th of October.
In the second episode „Jack Taylor – Auge um Auge“ (3rd of November) you can hear us. In the third episode „Jack Taylor – Gefallene Mädchen“ (10th of October) you will also see us in a short scene.

We are very excited, because we have not seen our work yet. Especially we are interested in Andy's speaking part ("Katy - chop chop!"). The series was produced in english language of course , so we are curious about voice of Andy's dubbing actor.

More informations about the series:
10-03-2013Omega and Alpha
Omega and alpha - one thing ends, another thing begins.

This sounds dramatic. But the only thing we would like to say is: the Open Air Season is ending and the Indoor Season is beginning.
Rarely the one date is so close to the other like this year.

On Friday, the 10/4/2013, we will do our last Open Air Performance this year. The "Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum®" in Hohenlockstedt will be the right framework for this. We had played several times this year on the stages of this - in the most true sense of the word - fantastic festivals and we have tasted blood. A look in our tour plan for the next years hows this : A whole series of other performances are planned on the MPS next year. But first we are glad to see again all the cracked pirates, knights, fine ladies, priests and other rascals this Friday.

Two days later, on Sunday, the 10/6/2013, we move again to our "living room". We will give our first pub revival concert in the Irish Pub in Europa Centre in Berlin. In the cold season you will be find us here more often. Indeed. But not only here. In the next month we will stay in "neighborhood" - compared to our tours last summer. But we will also bein Potsdam and Eisenhüttenstadt for example. Have a look to our tour plan on our homepage.

Sláinte – Your Cobblestones
03-19-2013Shirt on Tour
For parents it is always a special moment when the children move out into the world alone. Our T-shirts are now large (yes they are also available in XL - ... at least when the next shipment has arrived), so we start a new campaign: Cobblestones Shirt On Tour!

We give a t-shirt to a traveller, associated with the order, to take a picture somewhere in the world with that shirt on his body in front of a meaningful background (Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera, Butte, Great Wall of China, the entrance sign tub -Eickel leave ... photograph). After that the photo will be mailed to us ( and enjoy traveling fabric - preferably on the spot - be passed to the next rating with which to start then the whole game again.

The idea us a photo of our old friend Boris has brought, who shot such a photo of himself in New Delhi. Consequently, this is also the first of hopefully many more on our website

We are curious to see how many stations we will create.
10-22-2012New Date For Bad Munder
We have a new date for our presence in Bad Munder - and tomorrow!

It had all noticed hopefully in time that the organizer of our presence in the IG BCE convention center in September had a date problem and we had to move to a later date? Tomorrow it should be so, we will Folken from 19:30 in the bar "Willis."

Another note of interest in the furniture: If you would like to dance on the tables again thinks, please remember before take off your shoes :-)
On Tour
Juni 2024
01.06.  Lüdinghausen
Wasserburgenlandschaft Lüdinghausen
Berenbrock 1
D-59348 Lüdinghausen
- h
order online

15.06.  Rinteln
Kloster Möllenbeck
Irish Folk Festival Kloster Möllenbeck

D-31737 Rinteln
Time: 22:00 - 00:30 h
29.06.  Eisenhüttenstadt
Club Marchwitza
Open Air Concert
Diehloer Berge 6
D-15890 Eisenhüttenstadt
19:00 - 22:00 h
order online

August 2024
03.08.  Bückeburg
Schloßpark Bückeburg
MPS Bückeburg 2
Hasengarten 1
D-31675 Bückeburg
- h
siehe hier:
order online

04.08.  Bückeburg
Schloßpark Bückeburg
MPS Bückeburg 2
Hasengarten 1
D-31675 Bückeburg
- h
siehe hier:
order online

September 2024
07.09.  Luhmühlen
Turnierplatz Luhmühlen
MPS Fette Heide Luhmühlen
Turnierplatz 1
D-21376 Luhmühlen
- h
siehe hier:
order online

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